Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Female infertility details

            The condition in which a woman who cannot conceive after regular unprotected sexual intercourse for about one year is considered as 'infertility'.
                Dr. Sherman has quoted in his book about infertility in woman as "Only 1% of women in their early 20's are infertile, in late 20's 6% women are infertile, and in around mid 30's about 25% of women are infertile and lastly among the women around 40 years old about 60% are infertile, beyond this age fertility is unsure". 

          Thus it is clear the women who are reaching 30 to 40 years slowly tending to lose their fertility. Though there are many difference in definition in range of the age group of women having infertility and the percentage of women who are in the infertility range, it is sure that about 1 million women throughout the globe are facing the condition infertility during their reproductive life.

         In developed countries like US, UK and in other European countries, the fertility age reaches till 45 years old due to many advancements especially in the medicine field. In developing and under developed countries, the fertile period in women ends around 40 years and more than that fertility in the woman is rare.

Causes of infertility:
           Infertility in woman would be due to any problems in the female reproductive system or as a general disease. The common causes in infertility are listed below

  • Ovarian causes:   It is the first and foremost reason for many women who are having infertility. The ovarian disease of various kinds which causes infertility. In the young woman who are in the reproductive age has PCOD as the main reason due to Ovarian cause for infertility.
  • Uterine cause: Uterus plays an important role in maintaining pregnancy if the fertilized ovum reach the Uterus. If any disease like Uterine fibroid, endometriosis present in the Uterine region, it would lead to infertility eventually in some women.
  • Cervical cause: It is the third common cause to produce infertility in women. The major reason which cause infertility due to cervix is the presence of antibody for the sperm entering the uterus. Hence the sperm unable to reach the uterus and the ovum which fails to fertilize. 
  • Fallopian tube cause: Tubal blockage is a major problem in many developing countries and under developed countries for causing infertility. In India it is mainly due to tuberculosis of the fallopian tubes.
  • General cause: Woman who has no problem in their reproductive system yet failed to reproduce the offspring. Some general causes like obesity, diabetes, thyroid disorder plays major role. 
These are common causes in infertility in women. In the following we will see about the management of infertility in Homeopathy



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