Sunday, November 21, 2010

Homeopathic Medicines for fibroid

Many fibroid medicines are present in homeopathy. According to repertorisation, many authors give many medicines and the gradation varies based on their experience. Here, the most famous doctors and author’s choice of medicines are given:

Dr.J.T.Kent said.

1st grade: Calcarea carb, Calcarea flour, Phosphorus.

2nd grade: Apis mel, Aur- m-Natronatum, Calcarea phos, Calcarea sulph, Conium, Kali Carb, Kali iod, Lachesis, ledum, Liium tig, Lycopodium, Mercurius cor, Silicea, Terebinth, Ustilago.

3rd grade: Bromium, Bufo, Kali bromium, Mercurius, Mercurius-i-r, Nitric acid, Nux vomica, Platina, Secale, Sulph- acid, Thuja, Tuberculinum, Vinca.

Dr. William Boericke said.

1st grade: Aurum iod, Aurum mur, Calcarea carb, Calcarea iod, Calendula, Fraxinus amer, Hydrocotyle, Iodum, Kali iod, Lachesis, Nitric acid, Phosphorus,, Sabina. Thlapsi, Thuja, Thyroidinum, Mer- I-r.

2nd grade: Belladonna, Calc phos, Cinchona, Ferrum, Hamamelis, Hydrastis, Ipecac, ledum, Lycopodium, Merc cor, Platina, Plumbum, Pulsatilla, Sabal ser, Sanguinaria, Secale, Sepia, Silicea, Solidago, Staph, Sulph, Trillium.

Some specific medicines which are used for curing uterine fibroids are explained below:

Ustilago maydis: Metrorrhagia profuse, passive, after miscarriages, flow even at slight exertion,. Menorrahagia at climaxis. Postpartum hemorrhage, profuse lochia.

Thlapsi bursa: Anti-hemorrhagic, anti uric acid remedy. Metrorrhagia, frequent, copious, bleeding with uterine colic. Leucorrhoea before and after menses. Leucorrhoea stains indelibly. Alternate periods worse. Next period comes when she barely overcomes the previous one. Sore pain in the womb.

Trillium: Hemorrhagic remedy with faintness and giddiness. Bleeding from fibroid, bleeding causes pain in the back. Sensation as if back would tear into pieces. She needs a tight band round waist which gives relief.

Fraxinus americanus: Fibrous growth, sub-involution and prolapsed remedy. Patulous and enlarged uterus. Fibroids with bearing down sensation. Leucorrhoea water, unirritating.

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