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Homeopathic medicines for menorrhagia- I

    Many homeopathic remedies present which cures menorrhagia  completely without any other side effects in our body. While treating with homeopathic remedies the homeopathic physician concentrates fully and takes the whole person's history to treat them as a whole person. Hence a complete case history is essential to treat menorrhagia.

However some of the common specific remedies used for treating menorrhagia are discussed here.

Dr. James Tyler Kent given in the Repertory the list of the medicines with the gradation among the medicines.
First grade: Apocyanum, Arsenic album, Belladonna, Bovista, Calcarea carb, Calcarea phos, China, Cocculus, Cyclamen, Erigeron, Ferrum met, Helonias, Ipecac, Millefolium, Murex, Natrum mur, Nux moschata, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Platina, Ratanhia, Rhus tox, Sabina, Secale, Secec, Stramonium.

Second grade: Aconite, Agaricus, Ambra grisea, Ammonium carb, Ammonium mur, Apis, Aranea, Arnica, Arsenic iod, Borax, Bryonia, Cannabis indica, Cantharis.

Some of the important homeopathic remedies used for treating menorrhagia given below.
1. Belladonna:
        It is one of the heamorrhagic remedies. The flow is usually bright red and hot sometimes it comes as decomposed blood. The associated symptom is pain in the back as if it would break. It is a good remedy for initial stages of inflammation. Hence the blood is usually bright red and rarely it comes out as decomposed blood. The flow is always copious.

2. Cinchona: In this remedy, menses is usually early, profuse, dark clotted. Sometimes they have leucorrhoea blood stained which is present instead of menses. The characteristic features which decide to select Cinchona are three:
 a) Periodicity present always.
 b) Debility and prostration always present with complaints.
 c) Sensitiveness is the third important character.

3. Crocus sativus:  This remedy is usually used by most of the homeopathic physician. It is one of the important remedies in stopping bleeding during menses in women. The bleeding is very characteristic. The blood flows as like long strings and dark colored. They have the feeling as if something alive present in the abdomen. It is suited to those people who are sensitive to music.

4.Crotalus horridus:  The general tendency of this remedy is haemorrhage's from any parts of the body while proving. The symptoms produced are those could be cured in the diseased people. Prolonged menses and the blood seems to be decomposed dark fluid. The bleeding is offensive due to infection. In case of puerperal fever and offensive lochia this remedy acts best.

5.Cyclamen: It always plays vital role in female reproductive organs and helps in curing many diseases occurring in the female reproductive system. During menses the woman have labor like pain and the bleeding is clotted and membranous this remedy will act better for them. After menses they have swelling in the breasts and sometimes have milky secretion too. It is a valuable remedy for the post partum hemorrhage.

6. Erigeron:  During menstruation, the bleeding is bright red, profuse. Important symptom which is present along with menstruation is painful urination and irritation in rectum. It is the unique feature which differentiate it from other remedies. If a women who is tend to menstruate even from slight exertion or bleeding during pregnancy on slight exertion this remedy acts well.

7.Ferrum met:  Ferrum met is one of the anti hemorrhagic remedy.  Woman who are having long and profuse menses which tends to come early are treated well with this remedy. The persons who are anaemic and pale but having false plethora in the face is the well suited person for this remedy. Gentle motion usually relieves them in general.

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