Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Menorrahagia and homeopathy- II

Causes of menorrhagia:
            The causes for menorrhagia differs from woman to woman based on age and other factors. In women under 21 years of age having excessive bleeding during menstruation is due to anovulatory cycle which would go normal after some cycles when the hormone secretion is in the normal rhythmic cycle.
         The causes are broadly classified into the following groups:
  • General cause: The general causes responsible for menorrhagia acts as a whole. They are given below 
             1. Hormonal cause: When the hypothalamo- pituitary ovarian axis is not working well as one unit it will leads to disturbance. (See normal physiology above). The hormone necessary for the ovulation and Corpus luteum maintainence like Follicle stimulating hormone, leutinizing hormone are disturbed. Other than that the hormone which changes the normal cycle and also responsible for increase flow are thyroid hormone, adrenal hormone, etc.

            2.Blood dyscrasia: If there is defectiveness present in the blood clotting mechanism also leads to menorrhagia. Leukemia, thromobocytopenis, and even severe anemia would also result in heavy menstrual flow..
           3. Other general causes are infections like tuberculosis(it is common in developing countries than developed nations) and other local infections of genital tract would also be the reason for menorrhagia. 
  • Pelvic causes:  Any abnormalities in pelvic structure or any organs will also results in heavy menstrual flow. Other than it, the diseases in any reproductive organs like ovaries, uterus also leads to menorrhagia. 
          1.Uterine fibroids or polyps increase the endometrial surface and when there is the time for menstrual flow, over shedding of the endometrium will results in excessive blood flow.
          2. Ovaries having chocolate cyst, PCOD, endometriosis also an important reason in menorrhagia in women in the reproductive age.
          3. Pelvic inflammatory disease(PID), inflammation of fallopian tube are other important reasons which should not be left out.
  • Iatrogenic causes:  If woman is under the treatment of o estrogen and progesterone pills leads to heavy blood loss during menses. While taking hormone pills for treating any reasons or even to reduce increased blood loss, would result in withdrawal bleeding when the pills are stopped.
  • Intra Uterine device:  Many women forget to reveal this fact and get confusing on finding the reason for the menorrhagia. As the intra uterine devices have the hormones coated and it disturbs the mucosa of the uterine wall induce more blood loss during cycles in initial period soon after its insertion. 

Now you will be clear about the causes for menorrhagia. Next we will learn about the list of homeopathic remedies which acts well and treat menorrhagia in next post.

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