Thursday, January 31, 2013

Food and Habits to change to improve fertility

Besides medicines which cure infertility in male, it is important to care about food they take and the social habits they follow because, these are the most important factors affecting fertility of men. A vast majority of men (around 80%) can become fertile by having the right diet and avoiding harmful habits which interferes the production and motility of sperm. Only remaining (20%) men need medicines to enhance their fertility.

Foods to be avoided:
Food is a main reason which affect the fertility in both men and women. Certain foods affects fertility in men by reducing the production of sperms and their motility.
· Avoiding tinned foods is always good for health and especially for fertility. Canned / Tinned foods have Bisphenol A (BPA) Bisphenol A is used primarily to make plastics, and products using bisphenol A-based plastics have been in commercial use since 1957. which affects the production of sperms.
o Many researches are being done for evaluating its ill-effects. A 2011 study using the rhesus monkey – a species that is very similar to humans in regard to pregnancy and fetal development – found that prenatal exposure to BPA causes changes in female primates' uterus development. A 2011 rodent study found that male rats exposed to BPA had lower sperm counts and testosterone levels than those of unexposed males. A 2011 mice study found that male mice exposed to BPA became demasculinized and behaved more like females in their spatial navigational abilities.
In recent research it has found that BPA would produce hormone changes even it is exposed in low quantity. (Source: BPA replacement alters hormones at low doses, study finds )
  • Caffeine is a bitter white crystalline xanthine alkaloid compound that acts as a stimulant drug. It is commonly consumed by humans in infusions extracted from the seed of the coffee plant and the leaves of the tea bush, as well as from various foods and drinks containing products derived from the kola nut. Intake of caffeine in food would reduce sperm count and sperm motility. In females it would reduce egg maturity and more miscarriages would be reported. Even though there are many contradictory views in caffeine intake most researchers concluded that increase in caffeine intake would prevent conception.
  • Fast foods are the real killers of our health and it is no exception for fertility. It affects fertility in many individuals in these days. It is one of the common causes for the increase in infertility rate in the society when compared to olden days.
  • Avoid fat enriched foods. It is one of the reasons for the disturbance in the hormonal balance in male and female. In female it is highly recommended not to take more cheese and fat content food as they would disturb the Estrogen hormone cycle in the body which is essential for the ovulation and maintenance of pregnancy.
  • Sea food is harmful for women. As mercury content is more in sea foods it is not good to take sea foods and fishes always. It would cause birth defects in growing child in womb.
  • Soy is another enemy for reducing fertility in males. It is commonly present in today's foods like energy bars, cool drinks, fake meat, etc. It would reduce sperm count. In the studies of men who intake more soy in their food shows less sperm count.
  • Women having thyroid problems should avoid vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower which would worsen the condition of thyroid problems. Disorders in thyroid would be one of the reasons for infertility.
Habits to be changed:
  • The biggest foes for fertility in men are alcohol consumption and smoking. When you drink more there is less chance of being fertile. Alcohol directly affects the hormone functions which in turn affect the fertility. Regular intake of alcohol will lead to deficiency of Zinc which is essential for the motility of the sperms. Addiction to alcohol decreases the sexual drive in men and will lead to impotency
In many studies it has been found that smokers would have reduced sperm count. The capability of sperm to be fertile reduced. Smoking affects the DNA of sperm which would produce birth defects in children.
  • The change of tight clothing around your waist is essential if you are serious about being dad. Yes! The testes lie in the place cooler than the body temperature. If you are making it heat then the chance of getting pregnant reduces. It is very advisable for those who are working near flames and heat to reduce the body temperature to improve the sperm production.
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Homeopathic medicines for male infertility

                 The basic principle of Homeopathy is based on individualization of the people. Hence a specific remedy for a specific person is not present in Homeopathy. The cause for the infertility and the symptoms which is shown in a person and how they react to the environment are taken into consideration to find the right medicine for them to cure the infertility both male and female. However there are some medicines which are commonly used to treat infertility in people.These medicines have common and prime action to cure infertility. But those medicines should be selected based on the individual.

         Here few of the remedies commonly used to treat male infertility are posted

 Agnus Castus: 
Agnus castus
           It is commonly called as 'Chaste tree'. From the olden days it is used to treat both males and females to get conceived.
           In Homeopathy it is a good medicine for males to cure impotence. When the organs are cold, relaxed with loss of desire and the emission is not proper, this medicine acts good. It is a good remedy for those abused their sexual powers in younger age.

          It is another important remedy in treating infertility in man. It is used for treating pruritus in genital organs. It is effective in treating impotence in male. The complaints usually they have are inability to orgasm and no emission present. Erection in penis is absent when they are awake and it is semi raised during their sleep. They have craving for tobacco and have asthmatic complaints too. They have nocturnal emission of semen without having desire or even without dreaming about sex.

      It is quite good remedy for both male and female. People who are gentle natured and shy are best treated with this medicine. They used to keep all the emotions deep inside them without showing externally. The persons who abused themselves in sex and dwells in sexual matters are treated when they have impotence and reduced sperm count. They usually have weakness and other complaints after coition.

Lycopodium :
     It is considered to be inert substance. But through the method of potentisation which is unique to homeopathy, its medicinal properties are aroused well. It is generally a medicine for treating many diseases. It is one of the well known remedy for curing impotence in male. The young people who have abused them in younger age tends to have impotence whose penis is cold, relaxed and small. They have strong desire to have sex but which makes them more and more impotent to perform the act.  Other than impotence it cures various disease conditions in people. As it is said earlier, homeopathic medicines are given in total with individualization and not with any specific complaints.

     These are only few medicines used commonly in treating male infertility by homeopaths. It varies according to the consultants and the complaints narrated by the person. As Homeopathy is based on individualization method, you cannot fully depend on the above medicines alone in treating male infertility. Many factors should be taken into consideration for beginning to treat. The above list of drugs is only for educational purpose. I never recommend you to follow by any means without doctors advice.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Male Infertility

           Infertility is apparent inability to give birth to young ones. There are many factors which are responsible for infertility in both male and female. When women is about 50% cause for the infertility, the incidence in infertility is equal among males too. There is an equal incidence of infertility in men as like women. It becomes necessary to learn about male infertility. 

           When a man is unable to make a fertile woman to be pregnant after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse is said to be 'infertile' .

         In recent findings, it is found about 60 to 70 % of couples fail to conceive in first six months and about 10 to 15% of couples fail to conceive after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. If the couples fail to get conceive after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse, the cause should be rule out. It is found recently that the male and female is equally responsible for the infertility in which female is said to be the reason in most times which is wrong. (Overcoming Male infertility A guide for you) Read this article too Male infertility

      Here the male infertility is in detail.

Causes of male infertility:
            Male infertility is due to the failure of the sperm to reach the viable ovum and fertilize it to form fertilized ovum. For male infertility many reasons would play under as the reason. It is essential to know the exact place of the cause to produce infertility. The reason for infertility present from the place of production of sperms till they reach the female body after ejaculation.

 Disorders in Sperm production
         Healthy sperm production is the necessary for the man to make viable to give birth to child. When the sperm production is disturbed due to any reason it would make a man to infertile. The reasons which disturbs sperm production are within the testes and outside the testes. ( Micra sperm test - A Home test for sperm count and motility)
  •       Production of sperm is disturbed when there is an injury to the scrotum region, previous surgery near the groin region. 
  •       Some previous illness like mumps, any infection and inflammation of testes (Orchitis) also plays important role to affect the testes and thus produce defects in sperm production.
  •       There are causes away from the testes which repair sperm production. It would be mainly due to hormone defects. Any hypothalamic diseases, pituitary deficiency or thyroid disorder (hyperthyroidism/ hypothyroidism) affects sperm production a lot. 
  • When there is increased blood supply to the testes like in varicocele, the sperm production is affected and it produce the male to be infertile.
  • Cryptorchidism is a rare condition occurs in man to produce infertility.
  • Using excessive alcohol and other steroid drugs, marijuana and anabolic drugs effect sperm production by altering hormone axis between hypothalamus - pituitary - testes axis
Disorders in Sperm conduction:
       The normal sperm has to reach the ovum to make it fertile. Even when the production of the sperm is normal, it should be conducted from the place of origin, testes to the female genital tract. There are many factors which hinder the transport of sperm to the destination and the reasons are present in the man. It is said here.
  •        Premature ejaculation is the most common reason for male infertility. Many men in the world is facing this problem. The causes for premature ejaculation varies and the common cause is due to any injury and psychological problems like guilt, shyness.
  •       Erectile dysfunction is next common cause for male to make them infertile. Most times there are problems in the organs to form erectile dysfunction. 
 Now the common causes for the male infertility is discussed.
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