Friday, January 4, 2013

Homeopathic medicines for male infertility

                 The basic principle of Homeopathy is based on individualization of the people. Hence a specific remedy for a specific person is not present in Homeopathy. The cause for the infertility and the symptoms which is shown in a person and how they react to the environment are taken into consideration to find the right medicine for them to cure the infertility both male and female. However there are some medicines which are commonly used to treat infertility in people.These medicines have common and prime action to cure infertility. But those medicines should be selected based on the individual.

         Here few of the remedies commonly used to treat male infertility are posted

 Agnus Castus: 
Agnus castus
           It is commonly called as 'Chaste tree'. From the olden days it is used to treat both males and females to get conceived.
           In Homeopathy it is a good medicine for males to cure impotence. When the organs are cold, relaxed with loss of desire and the emission is not proper, this medicine acts good. It is a good remedy for those abused their sexual powers in younger age.

          It is another important remedy in treating infertility in man. It is used for treating pruritus in genital organs. It is effective in treating impotence in male. The complaints usually they have are inability to orgasm and no emission present. Erection in penis is absent when they are awake and it is semi raised during their sleep. They have craving for tobacco and have asthmatic complaints too. They have nocturnal emission of semen without having desire or even without dreaming about sex.

      It is quite good remedy for both male and female. People who are gentle natured and shy are best treated with this medicine. They used to keep all the emotions deep inside them without showing externally. The persons who abused themselves in sex and dwells in sexual matters are treated when they have impotence and reduced sperm count. They usually have weakness and other complaints after coition.

Lycopodium :
     It is considered to be inert substance. But through the method of potentisation which is unique to homeopathy, its medicinal properties are aroused well. It is generally a medicine for treating many diseases. It is one of the well known remedy for curing impotence in male. The young people who have abused them in younger age tends to have impotence whose penis is cold, relaxed and small. They have strong desire to have sex but which makes them more and more impotent to perform the act.  Other than impotence it cures various disease conditions in people. As it is said earlier, homeopathic medicines are given in total with individualization and not with any specific complaints.

     These are only few medicines used commonly in treating male infertility by homeopaths. It varies according to the consultants and the complaints narrated by the person. As Homeopathy is based on individualization method, you cannot fully depend on the above medicines alone in treating male infertility. Many factors should be taken into consideration for beginning to treat. The above list of drugs is only for educational purpose. I never recommend you to follow by any means without doctors advice.


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