Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Other conditions mimic Uterine fibroid

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1. Pregnancy: Usually pregnancy in unmarried woman is wrongly diagnosed if there is no proper history present. To rule out pregnancy symptoms, signs and pregnancy test helps.
2. Haematometra: It is due to cervical stenosis, hence enlarged uterus and secondary amenorrhea. Ultrasound helps to find it clearly.
3. Adenomyosis: A condition in which uterine endometrium present in the wall of the uterus. Adenomyosis seems to like uterine fibroid except adenomyosis is tender to touch while examining.
Medicine for Uterine fibroid

4. Endometriosis, chocolate cyst: When observing the symptoms both mimic like uterine fibroid.
5. Ovarian tumor: Peduculated fibroid may represent like ovarian tumor, Ultrasound does not reveals the true diagnosis, Laparoscopic view and specimen helps to find the correct diagnosis.

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  1. hen the uterine fibroid grows, it can exert pressure on the bladder. This may either cause frequent urination or trouble while urinating. The woman can also experience urgency to urinate.
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