Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Food poisoning and homeopathy

                Food poisoning, a common gastric problem due to bacteria and most of us would be suffered from it due to intake of improper intake of food. Homeopathy acts well in curing completely the food poisoning in short period as like the allopathy and without any side effects which is unique in this medicine system.

What is food poisoning:
                 Food poisoning is an acute condition caused due to intake of infected foods or drinks. It is also caused due to chemicals like aresenic, mercury, cadmium, and some sea foods an plant foods also cause food poisoning to some people.

Causing agents: Bacteria and bacterial toxin is the main reason for the food poisoning. Other than that chemicals, sea foods and plant foods too.

Bacterial foo poisoning varies depending on the organism produce it. Based on the organism, they are named as:
  1. Salmonella food poisoning.
  2. Staphylococcal food poisoning.
  3. Botulism
  4. Clostridium befringenes food poisoning
  5. Bacillus cereus food poisoning.
1.Salmonella food poisoning:
            It is caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhimurum. Usually it is transmitted from infected animals through infected products like milk and milk products, contaminated meat, egg. From the infected person too when there is no proper hygiene there are many chances for the infection transmission.  It takes one day to show the symptoms. The symptoms are pain in abdomen and with diarrhea, Fever is present in most of the persons who have salmonella food poisoning.

2.Staphylococcal food poisoning: 
            It is fast acting food poisoning as the toxin released by the bacteria is the causative factor. The most common method of transmission is from infected animals and through milk and milk products. The toxin released by the staphylococcal bacteria is not destroyed even by boiling for about 30 minutes. Hence the proper measures should be present to have hygienic foods.

              It is the most serious food poisoning but it is now rare in its occurrence. It is caused by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The bacteria is grown in the anaerobic condition and mostly present in the infected sand. As it is anaerobic bacteria, its usually presence would in the frozen ed foods, tanned foods, pickles. The toxin released by the bacteria is harmful and would leads to severe problem.
            Usually the toxins affects Central Nervous system more than the gastro intestinal system. So the common symptoms after this food poisoning is dysphagia, diplopia, blurring of vision. dysarthria. As it mainly causes paralysis, it will leads to death sooner due to the paralysis in  heart and lungs.  The symptoms are shown within 4 to 6 days.

4.Clostridium befringens food poisoning: 
            It is usually transmitted from humans an animal cycle. The causative factor is the infected meat, and poultry products. When the food is cooked and have been cooled in 24 hours which has no proper processing before are common factor which leads to this food poisoning. The symptoms usually have gastric pain, abdominal cramps with diarrhea, fever is not so common in this kind.

5.Bacillus cereus food poisoning:
                 Usually in bacillus cereus food poisoning, the disease is due to the toxins released by the bacteria in the contaminated food. It is a common type of food poisoning. It is essential for good full cooking of food before consuming.
          Recent researches found that two kind of toxins produced by the bacteria. One kind would be emetic form which produce nausea more than diarrhea, The other form of toxin produce only diarrhea symptoms. Usually this toxin would show within 8hours of ingestion. Fever is absent during this poisoning but other symptoms are present.


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