Sunday, August 28, 2011

Infertility and Homeopathy

   Hello readers! After a long time I am back to blog here to share you something about Homeopathy. In this post and in coming post I am about to write about Infertility and how it is treated in Homeopathy.

  First we have to know about 'Infertility' to know more detail about the scope of Homeopathy in treated infertility successfully.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), positive reproductive health of a woman is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of disease related to reproductive systems and functions.

When a couple have apparent failure to produce the child they are considered to have infertility. When the couple unable to produce child permanently it is called as Sterility.  

Usually people confuses with the two terms of 'infertility' and 'sterility'. Infertility is treated by medicines and other auxiliary measures like Artificial insemination, etc.

Based on an observation it is found that 50% of couples conceive within 3months of regular unprotected sexual intercourse, 75% of couples conceive within 6 months and about 80 to 85% within one year. Most people get panic when they failed to conceive within a year. But it is normal in most couples and some may would conceive within few years without undergoing for any medications or treatment. (The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies)

In Infertility there are two types - Primary and Secondary
In Primary infertility  when there is no conception till they got married. In Secondary infertility the couples get conceived but due to some reasons unable to give birth to that child. 

Ovum released from Ovary
There is a common misconception from olden days till today as in the infertility couples, more percent of fault would be in female. But this conception is totally wrong. From the research it is found that the causes of infertility is found that among one third of couples the problem is found in both of the couples, in other one third couples the problems in male alone and the remaining portion of one third infertile couples only woman is the only reason. 

First let us learn the basic of Normal conception.
Normal Conception 
      The male sperm and female ovum has to meet each other to form a new living child. Both sperm and Ovum should be healthy to form a healthy child. The sperm produced in male body is carried and deposited in the female reproductive organs and in the cervix region which is the lower most part of the Uterus. After the sperm got deposited in the female body it moves towards Uterus with the help of the cells in the Uterus wall. In the same time the Ovum produced in the Ovary get away from there and is conducted to the Uterus through Fallopian tube and reach the Uterus where it meets the sperm to fertilize and form Zygote. The Zygote get deposited in the wall of the Uterus and later form the full formed child by getting its feed from the Uterus. 

    During infertility if any part of this mechanism get disturbed would be the reason. There are many investigations invented to find the reason for infertility and can get the treatment successfully. We will see the scope of Homeopathy in infertility. (Homeopathic Remedies for Infertility)


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