Thursday, June 10, 2010


         Eeryone of us has this problem at least one time. Constipation most times due to functional disorders.   Constipation is defined as the irregular bowel movements and failure in voiding feces which produce discomfort.
             Usually defecation occurs  due to the reflex from gastrocolic. Some persons need some external stimulus to maintain the regular bowel habit like drinking coffee or tea. If there is any disturbance in this reflex and also due to other reasons the bowel movement is not normal and would lead to constipation.
Causes of constipation:
·         If the person wont have regular bowel habit. Irregular intake of food likewise irregular bowel emptying is the main reason.
·         Food lacking fibers makes the stool difficult to move in the intestine.
·         Persons having sedentary work, lack of physical activity.
·         During pregnancy.
·         In medical conditions like thyroid deficiency, neurological disorder.
·         Persons who has under abuse of laxatives.
·         Any structural diseases in colon like colon cancer and rectum cancer.
·         When water intake is less than the water requirement.

To prevent constipation:
           To prevent constipation some measures has to be followed. Regular intake and daily requirement of fibers should be present in our food. We need 25 to 30gms of fibers. It is to a normal American.
              People having sedentary work has to have some physicalactivity and also a pass during their work and have some movement around the place.

Some people would have the constipation problem after having the measures to avoid constipation. They need medical intervention of their problem. Homeopathic medicines acts best for them. 

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