Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dreams interpretations:

                     Earlier we have studied that dreams have value in our life and it has meaning which is related to our personality, wish fulfillment or a message.   Here I have added some interpretations of some dreams.

      Dreams of snakes:  If some find snakes in dreams it represents with various meaning. A snake dream symbolizes healing when it shows as twined around a staff.
     Snake also represents wisdom and also temptation. If a snake is curled so that its tail is in mouth represents symbol of eternity and reincarnation. 

 Nightmares: Many persons have nightmares in their sleep. It shows the problems or intense frightening or disgusting with emotions.  Some nightmares are due to childhood fears like abandonment, or being lost, loss or parents, fear of strangers or parents.
  If the cause of nightmare is understood, it can be easily overcome. The method to overcome nightmare is the situation is imagines which usually produces nightmare and the frightening situation is faced.

Dreams of sea: If someone sees seas in their dreams it shows the emotions of the person. If the person swims calmly it means their life is moving without any problem even in sub-conscious. If there is storm tossed sailing it means their life has problem and they are being tossed here and there with those problems.
     If the sea is seemed to be deep it shows the depth of your subconscious mind. If the voyage is for a long distance it denotes the voyage of your life.
  Dreams of wedding: It denotes the meaning of making an informal relation to the formal relationship. Also it represents bringing together two ideas. It also represents some religious beliefs.
Dreams of killing someone: It denotes the unresolved anger to the person whom you dreamt of killing.
Dreams of colors: Seeing colors in dreams indicate certain conditions:
·         Green: It means a fresh start and growth. It also indicated poison, jealousy and inexperience.
·         Black: It means secrecy, fear, depression, emptiness, signified death.
·         Yellow: In many cultures yellow symbolizes cowardice. It is also indicated for ill-health.
·         Brown: It relates to goodness and richness of soil.
·         Blue: It represents spirituality, purity, fidelity, clarity of thoughts.

Dark blue and blue green suggest seas which in turn indicate emotions of the persons.
·         White: In East, white signifies death. In Western countries white indicated virginity, cleanliness, purity and goodness.
·         Silver: It is the color of feminine spirituality and wisdom. It also refers to money.
·         Gold: Masculine is the indication. It represents richness and royalty.

        Every dream has such interpretations and our dreams have relation with our thoughts, personality, emotions and to our life.

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