Monday, May 24, 2010


                'Dreams' It is one of the human mind's miracle. it is the outward reflecting picture of our mind. It is an interface between our true personality and our social figure.
                Dreams are the inward message which would be the solution for our problems. It may be the personal or social problems.
           During the period of Plato dreams are interpreted as the erotic dreams of the religious persons as the tempetations sent by devil to harm their mind. Another thought which pervailed was what we dream is going to happen in the opposite. So if the person dreamt of lewd dreams then they meant it to inner purity and immortal soul.
          Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) who is the first person tried to explain and analyse the dreams. But most of his principle is related to sexual dreams. He interpreted dreams of an adult person would related to fulfill the sexual desires.
             Carl Jung(1875-1961) followed Freud's theory. But in the year 1913 he went away to have his own path of theories about dreams. According to him 'Dreams gives the expression for ineluctable truth to the illusions. fantasis.' He also explained the dreams of symbols after exploring many religions and cultures. There are certain universal symbols present which comes common in dreams of people. He explained that dreams are believed to be image of our personality whcih we have hidden . The shadow of our true personlity is expressed in dreams.

Some popular people's dream:
   Many persons dreams are showing a message, a truth, a solution for a problem or shwing their true interior personality.
       Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) in his dreams dreamt about the poem of Kubla Khan and started to write after he wake up. While he was finished his 54 lines he interrupted by some persons due to his work and then he could not recall the poem.
            Scientist Friedrich Kekule (1829-96) who discovered the structure of Benzene. He dreamt as if a snake is biting its tail forming a circle which helped him to discover the benzene structure.
     One of the friend of President Abraham Lincoln stated that he dreamt as a boy lying in the White house and stating that Abraham Lincoln is being killed by an assassain.' He dreamt it befor LIncol died but the friend claimed it years later his death.
          Thus it shows every dreams has a meaning and shows sometimes the true shadow personality of a person. Sometimes it would be a message for the future.

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