Sunday, May 23, 2010

Valuable Homeopathic action of IRON

Iron is one of the valuable medicines abused in Modern system of medicine. In allopathic system of medicine Iron is used to cure anaemia. Here they lack the scientific truth of how far the curative property of Iron is vast enough and deep. Iron supplements are used by them to treat anemia regardless of the cause of the disease. How a faulty treatment they are undergoing?
The cause of anemia would not only be the less intake or iron in daily requirements. It may due to defective assimilation, the worms which would absorb the iron intake in our food. Some people would have lost their iron content from their blood due to loss of the vital fluids. These have to be taken into consideration.
Ferrum metallicum and Ferrum phosphoricum is valuable medicine for hemorrahagic condition, asthma complaints, anemia, fever.
The common indication of Ferrum met is:
• They have extreme hunger and loss of appetite alternatively.
• Regurgitations and eructations of foods present.
• Vomitting of the food which is present as such in the stomach in the last night.
• Bleeding is profuse, bright red and easily coagulable. It can be compared with the menses. The women has early and profuse menses. During menses she would have the red face, buzzing in ears.
• In fever condition the peculiar feature during chill there is redness present.
• The most important ameliorating factor is RELIEVED BY WALKING SLOWLY.

The last symptom is the most important and the indicating symptom in Ferrum medicines.
Another remedy has the same modality is Pulsatilla.
Ferrum phos has to be compared with China in case of debility. Both these remedies has debility to a marked level due to the loss of fluid. The differentiating factor is China is more flatulent remedy.

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