Thursday, April 8, 2010


It is a viral disease caused by chickungunya virus. It was first described in Tanzania, Africa in 1952. A mass outbreak of chickungunya in the year 2006 in India in the state Andhra Pradesh, followed by it in the year 2007 outbreak happened in West Bengal. But now the residual cases are prevalent in most part of the country without any cure by modern medicines. The disease is transmitted through Aedes mosquito.
Main complaints of the disease are headache, with chills and fever, joint pain, backache, nausea, vomiting and small rashes in the skin present. It takes 3- 12 days to show all of its symptoms. Fever present for 1-2 days followed by joint pain mostly in small joints. The joint pain is the residual complaint which would even present for months long.
Homoeopathy is a very effective treatment for chickungunya as per my experience.
I have treated for about 20 cased of chickungunya in duration of about 4 months. In which I got a result of 15 cases with complete cure and the other 5 cases shows the improvement in their complaints.
I like to give the cases I have treated with homoeopathic medicine for chickungunya here.

Case 1: A female of age 45 years has complaints of pain in small joints in wrist and finger joints after the fever before 3 months. Took allopathy treatment with no improvement. Pain in keen joint since three months. Unable to rise from sitting for the floor. Her complaints are aggravated by movement and ameliorated by rest. Appetite, Thirst, Sweat, Stool, Urine, Sleep are normal.
In 4.12.08 I gave Rhus tox 200 two doses. She came in 16.12.09 with showing much improvement from her complaints and her generals are normal. I gave Puls 200 two doses to remove the residual pain based on her constitution. Now she is completely cured from the joint pain which she got no cure from any medications.

Case 2: It is an interesting case I have treated; because she is not only incured with allopathic medicines she got complication from taking those medicines.
A female of 43 years old came to me with complaints of pain in both feet since 2 weeks. It is originated as continuous fever not relieved by any medications. It is present for 2 days. Burning heat of fever. Followed by pain all over the body and in all joints. She went to allopathy doctor who relieve her complaints at that time but the complaints returned and also she has complications of uremia which she has not before at any time and her skin decolorized in to black color. Black discoloration is in the bridge of nose and in the dorsum of forearms and in legs. Burning in foot present. Unable to take food. Thirst, Sweat, Stool, Urine, are normal. Sleep is disturbed due to pain in the body. - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!

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