Friday, March 26, 2010

How the people express themselves:

Staphysagria: These people won’t express their feelings. Worries to the outside world. If someone hurted them they would suffer for it internally. On coming to practioner they never express their worries to him. Only if the prescriber ask the patient with much more care they are about to say. Likewise they won’t show internal bitterness.
Natrum Mur: They are more introverts but when they are about to express their feelings externally to the practioner they reveal their bitterness unlike Staphysagria. They usually will be in love with someone who cannot be reached. In this criterion they are suitable in young girls whom are in love with married man.
Ignatia: They are very difficult to open their mouth to share their feelings externally to the practioner. Mere CONTRADICTION is the keynote point of these persons. An Ignatia child is so matured it welcomes and speaks to the unknown persons coming to the home as guest.
Phosphorus: They resembles like Staphysagria. But with some difference. They would express themselves when they are enquired into. The phosphorus patient does not like to answer the question due to irritability.
Pulsatilla: They are yielding disposition people. But they have irritability which is mostly not expressed outside due their mild disposition.

Based on the characters which compared in the above drugs the important rubric from Kent Repertory is selected. First and second grade drugs alone mentioned in them.
First grade: Baryta carb, Calc, Calc sulph, Gels, Kali Carb, Lyco, Nat Carb, Petr, Phos, Plb, Sep, Sulph.
Second grade: Acon, Alum, Am- Mur, Ars, Bor. Carb sulph, China, Coca, Conium, Cupr, Graph, Ign, Kali ars, Kali sulph. Mer, Natrum ars, Nat Mur, Nux vom, Puls, Rhust t, Sil, Spong, Stram,
>Love, Ailments from disappointed love:
First grade: Hyos, Ign, Nat Mur, Phos ac.
Second grade:
Aur, Calc phos, Cimic, Coff, Hell, Lach, Staph.

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