Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pelvic Inflammatory disease

Pelvic Inflammatory disease(PID) is now the worst and most dangerous disease faced by the females of reproductive age. In developed countries PID is due to many sexual parners. In developing countries it is due to the ascending infection transmitted from external world through vagina towards the fallopian tubes and uterus.
The disease may comes as Acute or Chronic form. The women complaints of Low abdomen pain, and have vaginal discharge and have the history or irregular menstruation.
This disease in acute form mimics like appendicitis, diverticulitis, ectopic pregnancy. But the most important symptom which makes it to differ from other disease is the fever raises to the temperature of 103 to 104 degree F.
The Chronic PID is the worst one which leads to infertility due to the blockage of fallopian tubes and they whole form as a one mass like due to the chronic infection. The pus collected in the fallopian tubes remains as if glued and form a retort shaped Uterus.
In young girls where there is no chance of the STD, the PID is the cause due to the Tuberculosis, it is usually blood borne and transmitted through blood.
Usually in PID both Ovaries would be affected.
It is helpful to differentiate from mumps where Ovaries alone get affected and the fallopian tubes remain free from infection.

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