Thursday, January 28, 2010

Homoeopathic treatment for Children

The Children are the persons who needs love and care to deal with while giving Homoeopathic medicines. The children psychology is somewhat difficult to understand and also to find out. The mind of the children is very helpful to select the medicines for the ailments of the children. The children shows its disgust by means of crying. Depending the crying habits and the time of the cry of the children the medicine varies. The various kinds of the children psychology is given below:
Aconite: Cries during dentition period, in brain or chest affection. Cries with anxious looks and great uneasiness:constantly gnawing at its fingers or something else.Afraid to go to bed. Relived by fast rocking.
Arnica: Cries every time it coughs or even before, as if dreading to cough, wants to be carried.
Arsenicum: Cries during or after nursing, as soon as begins to take food, wants to be carried fast.
Ant crud: Cries when washed with cold water, fretful and peevish, cries when touched.
Belladonna: Cries without apparent ause and ceases suddenly as if nothing had been the matter.
Causticum: Inexplicable sadness, the least thing makes child cry.
Chamomilla: Cries pitifully when refused the least thing, wants to be carried rapidly. The child is cross and fretful; Relieved by heat wants to rest head on shoulder of nurse.
Cina: Cries terribly when take hold of, as if afraid; Wants to be carried rapidly

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