Friday, April 23, 2010


Nanotechnology, Nano pharmacology are now trying to explain how the medicine in homeoepathy system workd.
Homoeopathic mediicnes are prepared by the method of potentisation in which one part of medicinal substance is added with nine parts of double distilled water or alcohol which is shaken vigorously to get the first potency(power) of the medicine. Likewise to get the next potency of medicine the first part of previous potency is added with nine parts of distilled water and shaken well. Thus the process is continued to get 3, 6, 12, 200, 1000, and 1,000,000 so on times to get respective potency.
When the potency keep on increasing the quantity of medicinal substance is reduced. But the quality and power fo the medicine is rise, It is based on nanopharmocology is explained. During the method of preparing a potency the violent shaking makes the atom excited to its higher energy level, which by means of vibrations remains in the excited level. During the process of each potentisation to raise the potency of the medicines, the energy level is raised in the atoms of the medicines which in turn excites the vehicle (water or alcohol used as medium) to have excited energy.

         The medicines when given to the patient have certain set of symptoms based on "Law of similars" have the lacunae in their vital principle (it is the basis which governs our body). The excited atoms in the medicinal substances would help to excite our vital principle such that to overcome the disease products and make them to let out of our body through any outlets.

         A general criticism in homoeopathic medicines prevails as 'Homoeopathic medicines have only placebo effects'. It is entirely wrong. I have certain evidences to prove them as wrong.

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