Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Principles of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is based on the following priciples:
1.Law of Similars: The medicine given is based on the similarity of the disease present in the person. 2. Law of Single medicine: In Homeopathy which is unique, Only one medicine should be given to the patient. (Not present in any other systems)
 3.Law of Minimum dose: Very amazing. No one believe this the medicine part present in the Homoepathy medicine is very minute even cannot be found by electron microscope(Which is a drawback for this reason Homeopathy cannot be proved to the external world as many people are asking the proof for the drug action).
4.Drug proving: It is quite new to all. The drug proving is done in Healthy human beings and the symptoms are collected from them both mental and physical and it is the character of the particular drug. Many provers are used for this purpose.
5.Individualisation: Every person is unique and the medicine selected is unique to him. No two persons receive the same medicine for the similar complaint. They are different to different peoples. Hope this blog is helpful for you to know about Homeopathy. This is the framework of Homoeopathy.

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