Friday, July 9, 2010

Anti-Oxidants which we need

       Are you aware about ANTI-OXIDANTS? During the process of oxidation within our body cells some of the oxygen free radicals escape if they are left as such it would leads to much damage to the cell in turn later it may lead to the death or excessive growth of the cells which may leads to cancer of the part. To prevent such free radicals there should be some chemicals in our body which is called Anti-Oxidants which would prevent the free radicals.
                   Some important and most available anti-oxidants in our body are Glutathione,Vitamin-E, Vitamin-C and some other enzymes like superoxide dismutase and peroxidases.

Glutathionine is now available as Ergothioneine which is a naturally occuring and water soluable amino acid anti-oxidant present in sands which is not available to us as such which could get through some of the pharmaceutical products and the product which is of best quality available is OXIS product. These anti-oxidants would prevent the anti-aging process produced by the free radicals

Benefits of Ergothionine:
  • It helps to maintain the level of Vitamin-E and C which are other anti oxidants essential for our body.
  • Easy fat oxidation 
  • Reduce the damaging effect of Ultra violet rays  
                      Ergothionine available in compounds like  BXT-51072 and OXIS' LSA Molecules.

                 It is orally active organoselenium catalytic medicine. It major cellular components is glutathionine. It acts in the free radicals produced during oxidation and it is also an effective medicine for secondary inflammatory reaction.

OXIS' LSA molecules:
        It is built as the cell barrier present in our body to prevent these free radicals. It would act like Vitamin-E present in our body. 

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