Friday, July 30, 2010

Alzheimer’s disease treated in Homeopathy

According to Canadian research that about 44% of Alzheimer’s disease is not true and most is due to Vitamin- B12 deficiency. Hence regular administration of Vitamin- B12 is essential in old age as it would prevent the dementia at that age. But however the nerve deformity formed due to the deficiency would not be treated with the regular administration of Vitamin.
It has been found that Aluminum content is more in brain tissues in the people who have the symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Hence it is advised to stop using aluminum vessels and any coating to preserve foods with aluminum.

Some researches have found that mercury is another predisposing factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Among Indian people attack of Alzheimer’s disease the attack and the occurrence is less due to the usage of turmeric in the foods. Turmeric is good anti-biotic and anti-oxidant.

Free radicals produced during oxidation process would damage body tissues and the nerves. It is another factor which is predisposing to the Alzheimer’s disease. Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin- E and are helpful to prevent the damage produced by free radicals.
It was found to get good results with homeopathic medicines for Alzheimer’s disease. Some medicines which are helpful for treating dementia in old age are given below with its explanation:
1.Alumina: The persons who have confusion of mind. They have fear of losing reasons and the “Suicidal tendency” is the keynote symptom. They have suicidal thoughts on seeing sharp objects. Another indicating symptom is constipation. They constipated severely as they have to strain much to pass little stool and the stool nature is as like soft clay.
2.Anacardium The persons lack self confident and aversion to work. They have diminution of all senses like seeing, hearing and other senses too. Memory loss is the key point with a delusion of some one controlling them to do the right and the wrong things in their life.
3. Baryta Carb: It is a wonderful remedy to act in both children and the old age people. It is indicated with the idiocy and the mental weakness. Baryta carb acts well in the wall of arteries and hence it is an effective medicine for aneurysm produced during old age and a good medicine for the arteriosclerosis.
4. Conium: It acts mainly on muscular structure and ‘Ascending paralysis’ is the red line point. They have paralysis starting in the legs which gradually ascends up to the lungs and may damage the respiration by impending breathe. They have loss of interest in anything and also weak memory.
5.Picric acid: It causes degeneration in spinal cord. Hence it is a good medicine for spinal meningitis produced due to degeneration and also in paralysis resulting due to degeneration. They have neurasthenia with muscular debility.
Ginkgo biloba: It is a plant extract and now prescribed for dementia and confusion of mind in old people and also for Alzheimer's disease. It has the property of anti- oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is prescribed in Old Chinese medicine and now used in Germany

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